They did an excellent job on my exterior in October and my interior rooms this February. I have already recommended them to two friends.

Dave L. | Naperville, IL
February 10, 2019

Accurate, efficient, courteous

Roger J. | Naperville, IL
February 10, 2019

did a great job. Looks like they have pride in their work.

loretta k. | Naperville, IL
February 9, 2019

It was efficient, quality work, more than worth the cost and I would recommend them to anyone.

Megan M. | Naperville, IL
December 20, 2018

Loved our painter Carlo. He was efficient, friendly, and a joy to have in my home.

Greg & Nancy M. | Downers Grove, IL
December 9, 2018

They worked very quickly and did a good job.

Tracy O. | Naperville, IL
November 19, 2018

We had an issue with a woodpecker. This wood pecker kept returning to our home every year pecking holes into our cedar siding after we had the house painted by CertaPro painters. We needed to have about 30% of the siding repainted and repaired in the front of the house. The CertaPRo representative indicated that normally they don't provide this type of service, however, since we were a former customer, they stopped by the house, took a look at what needed to be done, then gave us a quote and they came and did the repairs. The job that they did repairing the boards and repainting the siding to match the paint on the undamaged boards was great. The paint matched perfectly and we had a couple of neighbors who stopped by and commented how well the front of the house looked. We are very happy with the detailed work the CertaPro team did when they originally painted the entire house as well as the repair work they performed for us now.

James M. | Downers Grove, IL
November 9, 2018

Exterior Painting: One minor annoyance. Clean up outside could have been better after the job was finished. I have diluted white paint in the wood chips near the fawcet where they cleaned their tools the last day.
The job was done extremely well and within a week. 5 Stars!

Dave L. | Naperville, IL
November 6, 2018

They seem to have done a nice job!

Kristen C. | Naperville, IL
October 20, 2018